Join Us in the Underground


What would you say if I told you that a few years ago the subject of Rob and I planting a church together came up and I absolutely hated the idea? I really did.  The reasons for me not being crazy about the idea were legit.  Both Rob and I had been through the toughest season of our lives and were sort of staggering, regaining our footing.  After some time to rest and recalibrate, we were feeling much stronger, much better together.  Rob casually brought it up to me one day, “What do you think about planting a church together?” My quick answer, “H*ll No.”  For real.  I was healing, no doubt, but no where ready to take up that responsibility.  I was overwhelmed with being a mom to three teenage girls, all wonderfully spirited, busy schedules, and all of the ins and outs of what it means to be a mom to three teenage girls and everything that goes along with that all at once.  I honestly had never enjoyed my girls and their friends more, they continue to fill me with deeper joy and love I could have ever known without their precious lives.  I was maxed out with the demands of daily living, dealing with a chronic disease and still trying to focus on regaining my physical and spiritual strength.  All the while, I knew it was to be.  Rob and I have been in ministry together since we were in high school.  Our hearts were united around the cause of knowing Jesus and making him known.  The shape of what we have done for that cause together and separately has changed, but the core of our heart’s belief has not.

And then suddenly,  I was struck with a resoluteness that God had a plan for us in this city and our community for a new way of doing church.  When I started to think about it, the more I thought about it, the more I knew it was right, and it was time.  As deep as my resolve was to not want to do it, the peace I had knowing this was God’s plan was as all encompassing as I have ever known God’s peace to be.

Rob and I have been married almost 26 years. We’ve been around the world and back together, literally and figuratively, several times and more. I couldn’t be more excited about this next season of life together as we join a few friends and start a church together.

I love God. I have compassion for his people, especially those who live around the edges, a familiar place to me. Rob is a phenomenally gifted leader. The team around us are jumping in just as intently and passionately as we are.

KCUnderground will be a church for those who are lovers of Jesus and lovers of people. We are so excited who joins us in this movement and what God does in our city. This weekend dozens of people will sign on the dotted line and commit to join our Core Team as we lay the foundation for the Underground.  If you live in the KC metro area and are interested, check out our KC Underground website and see if this way of doing church and living life is for you.


This amazing team of leaders would love for you to join in.


Peace to you.  More to come…

New Year Prayer

May we, in our judgements from afar, never forget the desperation of aloneness we once knew like second skin. In our judgement, let us look to our own scars, and to the one whose scars set the world aright, and remember that pain is a gateway to birth and death. Let us be the guides that lead the broken into light and life. Let us forget the judgement that is finger pointing and gossip that leads to shame of another, bitterness, sadness, ultimately death. Bring the Light. Be the light.


How a King is Born

David and Joseph

Joseph was royalty.

He had the blood of kings in his veins.

A chosen king.

As improbable David’s anointing

Was Joseph becoming the Father of the King of Kings.

Carpenters and shepherds. Shepherds and carpenters. Blue collar workers with royalty in their veins because the God of the universe knew

No one

Could achieve true Greatness with their own strength

No one

could earn status in God’s kingdom without His secret ways, His blessings, His miracles

No one is wise enough, powerful enough, perfect enough

To end up the King of Israel

Or the unintended Father to the King

God smiled,

moved some impossible

parts and pieces together

And blew divinity into the line of David. Knocked him to His knees.

And to Joseph

He Whispered a similar task

To be the shepherd to the king of kings

David fell, Joseph nodded, God smiled

and a King was born.


Share The Light

This has been a fabulous season for our family. Illuminating the lives of people through creativity and art is one of my true joys. Even better, giving art to those in need of who just need a bit of encouragement is an even greater joy for me. This year I have given away almost as much product as I have sold, which is a goal I have had for a few years.

I’m telling you all of this not to brag, but to invite you to participate in the act of giving.

1)Pay what you’d like for anything in my store. As a thank you,

2) Choose anything pictured here free of charge

3) Comment or message me if you’re interested!

It is a joy beyond words for me to bless you as you help me bless others. 😊

Pay it forward, share some love and bring light to some one else’s life. Merry Christmas. ♥️❄️

It is a joy beyond words for me to bless you as you help me bless others. leave a comment or message me if you’re interested! 😊

Pay it forward, share some love and bring light to some one else’s life. Merry Christmas. ♥️❄️

Illuminate the Ordinary

Once a year I have a very festive and fun open house for the Art I’ve been working on throughout the year. It’s been so fun to get to know neighbors & new friends better through these events in our home. If you live in the KC Metro area, swing by and see our updated gallery space while eating holiday treats, coffee, coco, etc. If you don’t live local, visit to find great gifts as well. 😊

Introducing…KC Underground

Our new baby. KC Underground Our new dream, baby, vision.

A team of visionaries has been dreaming about a church spread throughout the city with One dream, One focus, One vision.

The Church in Kansas City has always been that–ONE church. ONE church to bring the help, healing and hope of Jesus to the people. To see Heaven come down and the streets filled with the light of the True Love of the Gospel.

Jump into our dream! If you are alive and breathing, there is a place for YOU!

Join us for one of two informational meetings at Westside Family Church, November 18 at 12:30pm or November 25th at 6pm

God is on the move. We are ready. Let’s go…

Visit for more info.