10 Parenting Mistakes I’ve Made

Last week was a tough week.  We had a bazillion little things go wrong, but in the end, it was amazing to see how God worked it all for good.  Belle had to go to Medpoint late one night, and before she headed out the door, Whitney handed her her most treasured Silly Band-the Angel.  The next day I went to the Hallmark store and bought Whit a full pack of Harry Potter Silly Bandz to show her how you can never out-give God. After I gave them to her, Whit went in to check on Belle who was sleeping on my bed, surrounded in her own pile of Silly Bandz.  Whitney gave her a kiss and put a quarter next to her.  Basically, it was an all-out love fest.  I wrote a quick Facebook/Twitter status update saying, Whit gave Belle her angel silly band last night when she was so sick. I bought Whit a whole pack to show her how u can never out give God.

A lot of you wonderful people praised my awesomeness as a Mom for this.  I replied, Yes, but I rarely tweet about what I do wrong as a parent.  Really, who would want to blog, Twitter or Facebook what they’ve done wrong?  Who would want to admit that they’ve made parenting mistakes?

So, I decided to share some mistakes with you.  Here are ten things I’ve done that I’m not proud of, but hope you and I can both learn from.

  1. Rushing Bedtime and shushing the quietest thoughts of their day.
  2. Being scatter-brained and disorganized-causing myself to forget their important stuff-causing them sadness at missing out.
  3. Letting someone else tell me what’s best for my child and going against my gut.
  4. Allowing my displeasure at their bad behavior spiral out of control until I lash out at them with angry, not correcting words.
  5. Letting the girls watch too much junk TV and eat too much junk food because I am too tired to offer a creative solution.
  6. Failing to do a complete background check on people I trusted them with for a week.
  7. Saying No to something simply because it’s easier than saying Yes.
  8. Sharing information about them with others without asking the girls first.
  9. Hiding my chocolate
  10. Being seen out in public with Belle’s Barbie glasses.

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Really, I hope this list is helpful.  I am a pastor’s wife, a mom, and I have done things wrong.  It is my hope that we can build each other up as parents instead of tearing each other down.  We really can learn so much from one another.

  Your turn!  Any mistakes you’d like to share?  How about sharing your biggest victory as a parent?

10 thoughts on “10 Parenting Mistakes I’ve Made

  1. Personally, I think the Barbie glasses are priceless. And if I could fit into one of Sarah’s tutus, I just might wear one in public.

    I’ll have to consider my mistakes to find one I’m willing to share in public. Really, I’ve shared lots of them already. I’m pretty much an open book.

  2. Amy Argo says:

    I have done 1-7 so many times myself and immediately want to cry and hug them and make it better…instead I have to repent (turn directions) and not repeat them.
    Yes, this was helpful for all of us imperfect parents. Let’s all help each other, ebcourage each other and hold each other accountable in this. Together we can do so much more!

  3. Amy Argo says:

    oh yeah, by the way, LOVE the barbie glasses! 😉

  4. Wow. I can so relate to this. I love this article, because it makes me think and inspires me to do better. Love it!!

    And the Barbie glasses caught my eye. That’s why I clicked. LOL!

  5. erica barker says:

    I have an 8 week old son, Chase. This week I learned not to wake him up if he falls asleep at 6pm because i think bedtime is 8:30. (We were up till midnight getting him back to sleep) yikes. also i tend to rush our nursing sessions, just because I think 30 minutes is enough sometimes its not. i need to be more patient with that, I’m not good at sitting still.

  6. Lynn Noe says:

    Priceless! As mom of 16 & 19 year old boys, I used to spend countless hours mentally listing all my mistakes. Now, I am also a stepmom to 2 wonderful girls in their young 30s & grandma to 4 amazing grandkids ages 4 and under. It give me a lot of perspective on the multiple stages of life. What I did right at least some of the time……taking time to play, laugh, be silly and have fun. What I waited too long to work on…..not being an enabler and taking care of things for my boys that they need to learn how to deal with themselves. I have made lots of improvements the last two years, but I did them no favors in always running interference for them. Thanks Michelle!

  7. Susan says:

    Oh boy I have done dozzies myself….
    I have lashed out in anger…boo hiss
    I have forgotten on many a times…I say it is fibro fog…
    I have also been too tired for fun stuff….again fibro related.
    I have called it a day in homeschool when I know it wasn’t a full day of teaching…tired 🙁
    and of course many many more to even remember….
    There is no perfect wife or mom out there….love your honesty Michelle

  8. Mo says:

    i let others feed him & then he turns into a monster with no good food in him…
    im mean to the dog sometimes and he then thinks he should kick her or something…
    we were lazy after molly was born about getting to church & now we get paged [well, we got paged] its getting better but he doesn’t like church becuase we’re lazy and that’s lucacris. Ok, so he’s only two and I haven’t been a parent for that long so i dont have that many good ones. I’ll get back with you on this one…:)

  9. Deanna says:

    Thank you…. linking to you….

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