10 Things I Have Learned About London

  1. It’s cloudy, cold, and rainy here just like in the movies.
  2. They have much nicer taxi cabs then we do
  3. Eating out anywhere costs the same as in one meal as it would three meals out in the States
  4. You can not call a blanket a blanket when asking for an extra.  You will be verbally reprimanded and corrected. 
  5. There are snooty people here
  6. There are sincerely nice people here
  7. There is a lot of really old stuff.
  8. I heard the phrase, “hung, drawn, and quartered'” more than I ever have in my life  (it’s what they used to do to the really bad criminals)
  9. They eat a lot of beans here
  10. There are naked statues everywhere you go.  (This made for lots of giggling along the way)

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