15 Favorites


I’ll be taking the next week or so off of blogging.  Time to focus on husband, kids, extended family, and of course…turkey!

I have complied a list of 15 favorite posts of mine I have written in my 4 years of blogging.  Some are just fun and silly, a few are pretty serious.  Pick one that looks interesting and let me know what you think about it!  I really treasure your thoughts.  I am truly thankful for YOU!  Have a great Thanksgiving weekend.


Not A Normal Life

Three Great Things A Three Year Old Said

Alone At Auschwitz


And Easter Miracle

What The Wegner’s Ate For Dessert

My Ancient History

My (Not So) Girly Girls

Perception on Vacation

A Spell Casting Skunk

Sidewalk Chalk and God


A Dirty White Truck

Every November Third

Life From Death

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