15 Loooong Years

Flordia_smt_trip_beeson_057_3 Do we look old and grumpy yet?  We’ve been married 15 whole years next month!  The rocking chairs make us look old, I think.  Kind of symbolic of how we sometimes feel on the inside.  Being in ministry 15 years does tend to age one.  (In all good ways, of course.)  Being married to Rob and having 3 wonderful darlings that are spritely and full of energy keeps me nothing but young.  Every day I thank God I married Rob.  No regrets here.  We met when I was 12.  We started dating when I was 16.  We got married when I was 19.  No regrets.  I love this man more every day.

5 thoughts on “15 Loooong Years

  1. Amber Cox says:

    You guys are so great! Happy 15 years of happiness! Do you still have the twinkies or did that one babysitter eat them all? I can’t believe that I have been blessed enough to have you in my life for this long!
    You are cherished by me.
    Love you!

  2. Oh yeah! The Twinkies are still waiting. One month and 12 days to go. Twinkie blog-post is yet to come….

  3. DC says:

    Rob’s trying to make the rocking chair look cool, hahahaha. You guys are so awesome!!!! Just looking at the pictures makes us smile!

  4. Don says:

    SO SWEET! What a beautiful post! Thank you for your years of service and thank you for touching my life. BOTH OF YOU!

  5. Papa says:

    Rob looks pretty old,you look like you are 20.

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