15 Things I’ve learned in 15 years

Rob and I celebrate our 15th anniversary this week.  Here are 15 things I have learned from being married to him for 15 years.

I’ve learned:

  1. I’m selfish.
  2. I am better with him than without him.
  3. My selfishness is usually pretty easy to lay aside because he’s such a great guy.
  4. I could go anywhere with him and be happy.  Taj Mahal or Camp Adventure, it’s all the same to me as long as we’re together.
  5. Humility and normalcy in a sometimes spotlight.
  6. I really do like Chinese food.
  7. I really do not like Indian food.
  8. How to navigate a conversation through an episode of 24.  Commercials only.  If we’re fast forwarding commercials, how to talk really fast.
  9. The inflection and expression of his voice on the phone tells me who he’s talking to.
  10. Joy
  11. How to be content in the shadows while he shines.
  12. Date nights are lots of fun.
  13. To laugh more than I ever have.
  14. To love more than I ever have.
  15. To fold socks without complaining.

One thought on “15 Things I’ve learned in 15 years

  1. Congrats on 15 years. that’s so awesome!

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