Three Short & Silly Videos

We’re back to the regimented schedule of school, homework, chores and sleep. We still have to have some fun, right?

I took this video of Maddie and Whit after  their first ever tap lesson (which they LOVED…they are so over ballet)

And this is Belle wiggling away at her tooth.  I’ve resorted to all kinds of bribery to get her to pull that thing out.  Cash, Silly Bands,Gum….you name it.  Nothing will get her to pull that dangling tooth out.

And Poor Ellie.  Everyone loves to tease her since she has such a strong love of chasing shiny, flashing things.

2 thoughts on “Three Short & Silly Videos

  1. Kim S says:

    We’ve never met, but I enjoy reading about your family. You see, my husband & I lived in your house before you did. We built that sweet blue house. So, I love to come to your blog, read about your life in “our” sweet house, and especially see what you’ve done with the place. It looks amazing! I love the hardwood and the bright colors, oh and the tile in the kitchen. Beautiful! I love seeing your girls running around and just having “life” in the house. That house always needed little girls. Thank you for sharing these things with me. I’m so happy that you all have found a home in “our” sweet house! And hopefully, you won’t mind me “lurking” about your blog reading up on the happenings in P.M.

    • mdwegner says:

      That is amazing. I kept the letter you left us the day we bought this house about how you had prayed that God would send a family with little girls. We are so happy here and really love this house. 🙂 Thank you for your comment. Totally made my day.

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