Outta here!

In the past 4 days,

  • I almost died getting my blood takensmile_omg
  • Isabelle fell through a glass table, we did the whole ER thingthumbs_upglued up her thumb.
  • I had to pack for a family of 5 for airplane vacation (you can only appreciate this if you are a mom or dad yourself)
  • Packing took 2 1/2 daysclock
  • Whitney had her 8th birthday…trying to help her feel “special” through all thiscake
  • We had a “mall/sleepover party”  with 6 squealing little girls last nightmoonsmile_party
  • I am tiredsmile_yawn
  • I am now going on vacation,island where I am sure absolutely nothing could go wrong.fingerscrossed

St. Petersburg (21) outta here!

One thought on “Outta here!

  1. Awesome! Hope you and your wonderful family have an enjoyable and relaxing time in sunny Florida!
    We are actually having a sunny day here too! Enjoy and God bless as you all build memories together!

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