Digging for God

Last night it was so nice outside, we were all hanging out together.  We were playing catch, drawing with chalk, all that fun outside stuff.  Before we went in, we asked the girls to each find something in the yard that reminded them of God.

We got inside and sat down at the kitchen table.  Rob asked the girls to show their items.  Belle had the funniest smirk on her face.  Maddie showed that she had found a weed in the shape of a cross that reminded her of Jesus.  Whitney found a rock that reminded her of how strong and powerful God is.  Isabelle plunked a giant deer bone on the table and laughed. 

Yes, there are still 100 deer bones and fragments of deer in my backyard from the girls amazing discovery last fall. (story here)  I think it is time for a proper deer burial.

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