Marked Forever

By now you’ve heard about Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus’ blunder.  Apparently, she had no idea that 8 year old girls would be offended and deeply saddened by her publishing an improper photo of herself in Vanity Fair magazine. 

Whitney is mad.  Furious.  When talking to her about it after school today, she said, "but she was the only one I trusted…pop stars, I mean." 

I told her what Miley said about being embarrassed and ashamed. 

Whitney’s words exactly:  "well that will still leave a mark on her life, won’t it Mom."

Wow.  Big people….(that means anyone over 8)  be careful how you live your life.  Use wisdom….even when everyone around you is telling you something is ok, but you know deep down inside it is wrong, RUN THE OTHER WAY! 

No matter who you are, there is someone looking up to you.  Don’t let your life be "marked forever" by one wrong decision.

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