Cardboard Testimonies

This video caught me off gaurd this morning. Take a few minutes to watch it. God's grace is amazing.

6 Responses to “Cardboard Testimonies”

  • Don Says:

    wow. can WE do that?!? THANK YOU for posting this! SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • caryn Says:

    wow – moved me to tears – reminds me where I was – where I am and how much more there is that God wants to do in me and for me. thanks for sharing that!! powerful!

  • Amy Rembold Says:

    Taken off guard is an understatement…I was balling. You think you need to hear a lengthy testimony to know where people have been and to know where they’re headed. There was something so special about the simplicity of how these tesimonies were presented. It was beautiful…thanks for posting it!

  • Ruth Hunt Says:

    Wow, what a powerful video. I agree with Don’s post. Think GCC could incorporate something like this in a weekend service? If this doesn’t touch someone’s heart who is struggling with something I don’t know what will. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Dave Anderson (moviepastor) Says:

    This messed me up big time. Woe unto me – for I am undone. wow.

  • Floodaadden Says:

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