Today was the first time we have hiked without a stroller or baby back pack in about 10 years.  Sure, we’ve taken little strolls around parks by our house, but this was the first “real” trail we’ve hit since we’re done with all the baby stuff.  When we were at breakfast this morning, a woman and Belle struck up a conversation.  Belle told her about her big sisters, and the lady said, “Well, are you the baby?”  She looked offended, and deeply insulted, and firmly stated that “No, I am not the baby!”

And she proved it today.

This little girl marched and marched up a hill, over rocks and roots, through streams getting her feet wet…all without a single complaint.  She was determined. 

Smoky Mountains 010 Smoky Mountains 012 Smoky Mountains 013

For anyone who knows Belle’s story, you know that this is a huge accomplishment.  A few years ago her legs and muscles weren’t working so well.  It appears she is determined to overcome just about anything that gets in her way.

“I was very brave today Mom”  She said to me on the way down. 

Yep.  She sure was!

Smoky Mountains 056

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