Maddie’s Eye View

India-Maddie 019 India-Maddie 021

India-Maddie 022 India-Maddie 023 

 India-Maddie 028 India-Maddie 014

India-Maddie 029 India-Maddie 032 India-Maddie 048 India-Maddie 042 India-Maddie 047 India-Maddie 049 India-Maddie 054 India-Maddie 055 India-Maddie 056

Maddie, our 10 year old, has quite an eye for photography.  Let her know which pic is your favorite!

6 thoughts on “Maddie’s Eye View

  1. Good job, Maddie! They’re ALL pretty good. If I had to choose, I think I’d pick the one with your little sister beside the group of Indian girls. Keep it up! You have a real “eye” for artist expression in photography.

  2. Maddie, I really like the one in which you can see all the people through the iron gate, but they are all wonderful. I am praying for your family while you travel and minister in India. Blessings on your day and efforts!

  3. Hi Maddie, I know your mom from IG. I was excited to see your pictures from your adventure. They are great! My favorite is the picture your took from behind the gate… looking out over the crowd of people. Looks like a once in a lifetime experience.
    Great Job!!!!

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