Why I Hate The Mall

Whitney had birthday money from Grandma to spend, and Maddie had money left on gift cards from Christmas burning a hole in her pocket, so we took advantage of their day off of school, and took them to the mall yesterday

I had been dragging my feet about it for days, and one of the girls said to me, “Mom, why do you hate the mall so much?”  Since we spent a long time there yesterday, I had plenty of time to take some mental notes.  Here are just 10 reasons I hate the mall:

  • Everywhere I walk I am accosted by someone trying to spray me with stuff I am allergic to.
  • Breathing recycled air is gross.
  • The kiddie train at our mall always tries to run over crowds of people
  • Mall pretzels are way overpriced, and they charge you for water, and the water is more than pop, so you end up getting your kids the pop you didn’t want them to have.
  • Mall creepers.  These are people who don’t work at the mall, but seem to be there every time I am there.  I make up stories in my head about how sad their lives must be to end up at the mall all the time, then I am depressed while breathing in recycled air.  This gives me a headache.
  • Every store I take my girls in has loud, blaring music that makes my headache worse.  Then a sweet sales girl starts shouting in my face descriptions of all the amazing items that are 1/2 price today only, and I better hurry up and grab them before they are gone.
  • I have 3 girls with remarkably different interests.  While one is fully engaged in one store, the other 2 are rolling their eyes and bolting for the exit.  Yesterday I set the alarm off at Aeropostale twice, trying to grab Isabelle before she left the store, causing the sweet sales girls to glare at me, and I think the other was about to tackle me.
  • I realize that I don’t have money to buy what I want or what the girls really want.  I have to tell myself and them “No” a hundred times.
  • Unique to my situation, people will stop Rob without noticing he has his family with him, and delve into deep discussions of theological nature.  This is always really odd and uncomfortable for the rest of us who are just there to eat a really expensive pretzel.
  • I simply hate shopping.  With a passion.

So, What about you?  Are you a mall lover or hater, or some place in-between?

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