Things You Really Shouldn’t Tweet

  1. What just came out of your nose when you blew it twitter-blue
  2. How much you can’t stand your spouse
  3. That you just took a shower or bath. Really. Ew…
  4. What pharmaceuticals you’ve been taking, legal or illegal.
  5. What your spouse or significant other’s paycheck was or wasn’t.
  6. that you are just 2 followers away from 10,000, and you need a few more to add to your collection.
  7. What your babies diaper looked like when you changed it.  It is very sweet and adorable to you, but not to me.
  8. Limit your food tweets to one a day.  Call your Mommy and tell her.  She really wants to know about it.
  9. For Christians: Praying to God through the Twitter bird just seems weird to me.
  10. Don’t tweet endlessly cute things that your kid just said…wait…I do that 10x a day.  You’re allowed to do this one, and this one only.

Carry on, and Tweet away!

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