Let Your Vote Count!

Rob and I are in the final stages of editing Share the Well, the book we are working on about Church Planters in Southern India.  The book is going to be full of stunning photos from India by Dustin Maust, Gene Ort, and Ron Zimmerman.  I thought you might want to help us choose the photo for our “About the Author’s” page.  All of these photos were taken by our friend Brittani last spring.  Whitney is home sick today, so she chose the titles for each.  Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  Leave a comment and vote for:

a)Family Time




Family Time






25 thoughts on “Let Your Vote Count!

  1. I like Family Time – is a great picture of all of you – and we can SEE all of you…then there is the flip side of that coin, do you want the world to see what your family looks like? Do the kids want to be a little anonymous? Then I pick B.

  2. I like the US..because it shows your devotion to each other,but also includes the family in the distance playing! It tells a story, without using words.

    I also like the family time photo.. either one is great!

  3. Family Time, for all the reasons Kathy Friend listed – especially the point about being able to see your faces well. And while I do think she makes a great point about the kids’ anonymity, as a reader I might want to see them if I knew they had experienced India as well. Plus, it’s just a great photo. What fun!

  4. I vote A) Family Time. It is a fun picture of all of you and will print well in a book. I like B if the girls don’t want to be in it but I’m not sure it would print well. Of course, I know nothing about these things. So I guess you can just ignore this comment. Ha!

  5. I agree with Kathy and Barefootlots. But what if you did “B” with a smaller picture of “A” where the girls faces are a little bit harder to see?

  6. Family would be my choice. This book is all about how people lived in a family before knowing Christ and how they are living together as transformed family after following Jesus. Your family picture will inspire!

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