Twelve Thoughts for our Twelve Year Old


How we ever got such beautiful girls, I’ll never know.  I think God x’ed out all the bad traits that Rob and I have and left all three girls with the best.  Maddie is 12 today.  I remember being 12 like it was yesterday.  When I was 12, I met Rob for the first time.  My life-long pet Akita Shojo died.  I had a teacher that strongly resembled a witch in every scary way.  I liked the Smurfs and started liking boys.  I loved Jesus and loved my family. 

I’m reflecting on Maddie’s life today.  Rob and I are so proud to be her parents.  Here are twelve amazing things about Maddie that you might not know.

  1. Maddie has always been extremely intelligent.  For the first time this year, we see her actively perusing her education with passion. Refer back to what I said about liking the Smurfs at twelve. 
  2. She’s an avid reader.  She whips through books quicker than anyone I’ve seen.  This we do have in common.
  3. She loves fashion.  She is modest in the way she dresses by choice.  I love this about her.
  4. Maddie is a great big sister.  She cares very much about Belle and Whitney, and tries very hard to help them however and whenever she can.
  5. She’s a great daughter.  She rarely gets in trouble. 
  6. Maddie has a tremendous sense of humor.  I love to hear her laugh.
  7. She’s super mature for her age.  Maddie thinks about stuff most adults don’t.
  8. Maddie has a very unique world view considering her 3 trips to India. If she hears someone complaining about what they don’t have, it’s hard for her to get past that.
  9. She’s an introvert like me.  She loves people, but needs quiet to recharge.
  10. She is a loyal friend.
  11. Her future husband will need to have a side job to afford all the techy stuff she likes (cameras, iPods,computers, etc.)
  12. She has a strong leadership gift.  I can see her being a leader of leaders someday.

If you know Maddie, you probably love her.  Leave her a Birthday wish in the comments…She will love it!

photo by: brittani renee

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