Hug A Narcissist Today

photo (6) I’ve heard again and again that someone who updates Twitter or Facebook too often is a narcissist.  The idea is that they are only thinking about themselves and tooting their own horn for the world to know how awesome they are.  I’m not so sure.

Is narcissism wrong?   I guess it gets bad when you love yourself and no one else.  Or…it’s probably bad if you love yourself more than God.  But what’s wrong with thinking you are awesome?  I think you are awesome. God thinks you’re awesome. Most of the time, I find what you have to say fascinating.  I’d rather you err on the side of being narcissistic than being so quiet and introverted that you can’t even look someone else in the eye or speak confidently about an issue you feel is important. (I’d label myself as an introverted narcissist, but that’s a different story)

I care!  I want to hear your chipper self, working through your day, finding out all sorts of amazing things about you along with you.  I think you’re pretty neat. 

What if little Isabelle came home from Kindergarten one day and said, “Mommy, my teacher thinks I am special.” and I said to her, “Isabelle, don’t say that.  You are being narcissistic.”

You’d call me a bad mom. 

Everyone has doubts about their special-ness.  Why do we need to create more doubts when most people feel pretty rotten about themselves.  Why don’t we encourage the narcissists?  Why don’t we let them know they really are special?  God thinks they are. Hug a narcissist today.  It will help you feel better about yourself.

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