Here Comes The Sun

The snow has begun here in the Midwest.  We’ve had about 5 inches over the weekend, and are expecting another 8-12 by the end of today. Lisa Vukmirovich, one of our great  friends,  posted this video on Facebook last night.  It is so appropriate for this snowy Monday morning.

We filmed this video at our house a few years ago for the Let It Be Christmas series at GCC.  It is truly one of my most treasured memories as a Mommy.  All of the kids in this video (give or take a few random kids  whose identity is a mystery) are precious to us.  We have watched them grow up, cheered for them, worried about them, conspired with their parents on how in the world we are supposed to do this parenting thing right, etc.

Mostly I love this video because it is sweet, beautiful, and just fun.


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