Super Sneak Preview


Just a glimpse of what’s to come!  Our book is nearing it’s final stages of completion, and I just wanted to share one page with you so you have some idea what the layout will be like. 

The picture of my girls was taken on one of my saddest days in India.  We were visiting a new village and our presence there turned into sort of this mob/parade thing.  The girls were pretty freaked out by it, so Raj wanted to give them a job to do.  He asked someone to help them learn how to get the water from a well like kids their age would do in a village in India.  The girls got very excited and grabbed their jugs.  All at once, the parade-like atmosphere ended, and the people dispersed.  We were so confused.  One of the men quietly said to Raj, “There is no water here.  We don’t have any water in our well”.  There were hundreds of people in this village, and no water.

The symbolism struck me as profound.  Here I was carrying my 2 liter water bottle, taking long gulps of it whenever I was thirsty, and these people had no water at all.  That moment birthed a desire in me to Share The Well.  We have Water that is eternal life welling up in us that we must share.  People are dying of thirst all over the world.  That moment sealed my determination to be the voice for these people, dying from thirst physically and spiritually.

Our book, Share The Well, comes out next month!  Can’t wait until we can Share The Well with you.

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