5 Minutes on REAL Joy

So, what in the world WERE we doing for a month in India anyway? Were we on vacation? Um, no. Believe it or not, I have had many people ask me that question. Anyway, this 5 minute video was made to give some insight into the work Granger Community Church is doing in small villages in India like Kalavai. A few shots in this video include moments my family and I will never forget. The night we spent dedicating these homes was one of the most remarkable nights of my life so far.

Note the joy on the faces of the people. Real joy. Joy from Heaven.


Kalavai Update 7.25.09 from Ben Sanders on Vimeo.

One thought on “5 Minutes on REAL Joy

  1. charity says:

    awesome video and incredible ministry. it’s really cool to see how God is moving across the nation… would you pray for us, and Stephen in particular as we are seeking a student pastor. we have two we’re in touch with and to combine them would be perfect… but Stephen needs wisdom and direction… and we need the right man for this position. thanks for your prayers…
    are you headed somewhere next? africa? back to india?!?

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