A Pukey Second Saturday

The morning started calm and tranquil today.  I woke up earlier than the rest of the family.  I went for a walk, the sun was rising, it was amazing and beautiful.  I kid you not, a deer went running across the field across from me, stopped, stared at me, then kept on his way.  A glorious morning.

The deer in the meadow was the peace I did not know I would need in the next few hours.

We went as a family to serve at Second Saturday.  We chose to help out in Downtown South Bend at Son City Kids.   I was filling out a name tag for this precious 3 year old girl.  She didn't really want to talk or tell me her name.  Another volunteer named Tom was holding her.  Then all of a sudden, she puked all over him.  He looked quite startled.  I put down my marker, went to the little girl, who continued to spew.  I decided it was time to move her to the potty.   I picked her up.  She puked on my hand, on her hand, shirt, entire body, all the way to the bathroom, all over the toilet and all over the bathroom floor.

Tom and I spent the next 30 minutes cleaning her up, cleaning ourselves up and the fallout area as well.  Several others pitched in without complaint.   I had never met Tom until today.  He handled it so well.  He never got angry.  He scooped the little girl up without a thought of his clothes getting more pukey, and took her home to her Mom.

In a weird kind of way, it was a joy to take part in all of that.  It really didn't bother me.   I love serving Jesus, even if it means spending the morning cleaning up puke with a stranger.

One thought on “A Pukey Second Saturday

  1. Ruth Hunt says:

    When I seen the heading of this blog I thought, Oh, oh, where is she going with this? As I read on my though process quickly changed. Now I am thinking, Wow, waht you and Tom did today was just like Jesus would have done. Showing love and grace to someone who needs to know that they mattered! I am sure that when and if you see Tom at GCC he will no longer be seen as a stranger but as the person with puke all over him! Okay, maybe not like that but as a friend. Thank you for sharing.

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