A Slow Burn by Mary DeMuth

I got to read a pre-released version of Mary DeMuth’s second book in her Defiance Texas Trilogy called A Slow Burn.  My initial thoughts:

  • Mary’s writing makes me a better writer.  She has a profound gift for imagery and making her characters come alive.
  • Mary has a unique gift for weaving story in with struggle and faith that is believable and captivating.
  • Mary’s story telling abilities held me captive page by page.

The book A Slow Burn is about redemption and healing in a Texas town.  You can feel the Texas heat as you read, as well as know the sorrow of struggle and loss along with Emory Chance, the main character of this book.  Her addiction and loss are struggles we all can relate to even if our issue is not the death of a loved one or a drug addiction. 

I’d strongly advise you to get this book, and get in someone else’s head that is not you.  See how Emory Chance slowly allows God’s redeeming work in her life.

I’m more than willing to share Mary’s 1st book in this series, Daisy Chain, and then A Slow Burn for anyone who wants!  Books are my passion and I spend way too much money on them.  Thanks for sharing this with me Mary!

If you're planning on purchasing the book, would you do me a little favor? Please purchase via Amazon on Thursday, October 1st, its release date. Click here to buy.

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  1. Mary DeMuth says:

    Thank you so much, Michelle, for reading A Slow Burn and featuring it here. Beautiful blog!

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