A Spell Casting Skunk

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A racoon ate my garage last night.  He must have been hiding in there before we closed the garage for the night. 

I needed to get something from my car, so I stepped through the door and almost on to a mound of raccoon poop.  There were all these strange shavings laying all over the garage floor, and everything in the entire garage was torn apart.  Goodwill clothes were ripped apart laying on the ground, bikes were toppled over and tangled together, animal fur and poop EVERYWHERE.  Needless to say, I spent the next 30 minutes straightening,shoveling, scraping, and bleaching.

The whole time I am doing this Belle is saying “Why?  Why would he do this to us?”  On the verge of tears.  “Why was he so bad to us?  I thought skunks were nice!”

“It was a racoon.  He was afraid.”

“But how could he do this to us?  Why was he so naughty?”

“It was a racoon.”

“No, I saw the whole thing from my bedroom window.  It was a skunk and he came to cast a wicked spell on Winston.”   (Our Dog)

“Really, you saw that?” 

“No, I didn’t see it, but I know that is what happened.”


I’m all for spell-casting skunks, but next time I’m hoping for a wicked step-mother or something that won’t poop all over my garage.

3 thoughts on “A Spell Casting Skunk

  1. Caryn says:

    oh the joy of raccoons – remind me to tell you about the one that had babies in the chimney of our last house and when the baby grew up he decided to come back and ransack our attic. I am with Belle – raccoons are NAUGHTY!

  2. what did winston ever do to deserve having a spell cast on him by a skunk? he must have insulted the skunk’s family in some way. when the spell didn’t work, he must have sent the racoon to terrorize you guys. we all know that racoons are the thugs of the animal kingdom. if i were you i’d try to make a truce by inviting the skunk to a neutral location to discuss a resolution that is acceptable by all involved.

  3. Sorry about your garage! Love the coversation with Belle! Here’s one from Lauren and I when she saw a possum at the side of the road:
    Lauren: Oh, no Mommy! That poor possum!
    Me: (trying to soften the blow) Maybe he’s just playing dead like on Over the Hedge.
    Lauren: Mommy, seriously, I saw blood.
    Me: Maybe he’s REALLy good at playing dead and brought props.
    Lauren: (ignoring me) Well, we should call Dr. Quinn to go help him. Where’s your phone?

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