Duct Tape and Dry Heaves

A typical night at home while Rob is in India.

I sat down to write an email to my good friend Carla Bone tonight, and after I wrote it, realized it was definitely blog-worthy.



This is getting crazy!  Maddie has had the flu all day, throwing up, fever, etc., and now Whitney is throwing up.  On top of that, Isabelle is losing her mind.  She kept turning her light on over and over again when it was time to go to bed, so I decided not to spank her (spanking does not work for her, she only smiles at me when she gets a spank…or if I say, "do you want a spank?  She will SMILE and say "yes") so, I decided to unscrew her light bulbs so she couldn’t turn her lights on.  I burned my fingers unscrewing the light bulbs.  That didn’t work, so I decided to duct tape her light switch so she couldn’t switch it on anymore.  I had this secret thought about duct taping her to her bed, but I let that thought go….


So, next thing I know she is peeling the tape off and throwing it out her door.  I brought in more duct tape; she grabbed it and threw it down the stairs.  I made her stand in the corner until I could set up her pack and play, since she wouldn’t stay in her bed.  I felt like I was on Super Nanny since I had to put her back in the corner at least 10 times until she stood there.  Consistency paid off, since she eventually stood there,

Then…as I was laying her in her pack and play, she hit me and said some pretty mean words….

Then I calmly (evidence that the Holy Spirit works in us and through us even when we are at the end of our ropes) told her I know she doesn’t want to hit her Mama, and I know she loves me.  She started to cry, and said, "I do love you Mommy!"

I reassured her of my love for her a thousand times, kissed her, and she fell asleep (with the lights off)

Then Maddie got up.  She was feverish, clammy, etc.  I gave her a Popsicle. 

Then Whitney got up.  Maddie went to bed.  Whitney dry-heaved into the toilet for 20 minutes and insisted that she was much worse off than Maddie.  She also insisted that this is absolutely the worst night of her entire life….


I sort of relate.

Love you,

Michelle Wegner

Better to laugh about it than cry! Other than these occasional moments of craziness we are doing ok, really.


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  1. DC Curry says:

    That is quite the eventful night! I may need some more time before we try to have kids! hahaha. You’re TOTALLY supermom!

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