A Visit to the Orphanage

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  We made a visit to a girls orphanage yesterday.  There are only 5 girls living there to assure the best care for them possible.  The baby you see Maddie holding on your leIndia Iphone 048ft is named Rachel after Gene’s daughter Rachel that died on Christmas Eve.  When Gene picked her up, she looked right into his eyes and smiled the biggest smile at him.  She talked to him like they were old friends, and she’s only two months old.

The baby you see Whitney holding on your right is named Rhema.  She was born 20 days before this photo drastically underweight and with a cleft palette.  Her parents took one look at her and said “No way.”  A common practice in the villages for such a baby is to just let it die. Thank God for his divine intervention in Rhema’s life. Rhema snuggled right up to Whitney.  She was scared to hold such a teeny-fragile baby, and so was I! 

Visiting these children was my favorite part of my day yesterday.   It amazed me to see what the light and love of Jesus has done for these children.  Love has brought them life.  Amazing.

4 thoughts on “A Visit to the Orphanage

  1. Oh My! (stop crying, stop crying!) It just hurts my heart so much to see little ones completely left, abandonded…it is so unfair! And then to think of those who have selflessly jumped in the middle of such a horrible thing to make it better! To care for these kiddos, love them and do the best they can to give them hope for a future. The caregivers don’t do it for money (if they make any money at all!). It’s all too much.
    How many of the babies are you bringing home?

  2. mandy says:

    Just bring them on over here! 2 more girls won’t make a difference. They are so beautiful & what an experience for you girls. Amazing.

  3. becky Hunter says:

    Hi Michelle! I have been praying for your family and I’m so glad you are blogging along the way. What a meaning-filled adventure. I’m sure God is smiling on your family’s time there.
    Blessings to you!

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