Alone Together

Sitting in the stillness of a Colorado morning, listening to birds chirp in the forrest, drinking my coffee…eating my pop-tart–it really does not get better than this. My girls are still sleeping, worn out from several adventures we’ve had over the past few days. We’ve been on a lantern tour of a cave, taken a train up to Pike’s Peak, went white water rafting, explored canyons and driven up on so many scenes of unexpected beauty, I can hardly recount them all.

Yesterday after a picnic at Eleven Mile Canyon, we were driving along, all 5 of us in the car, and I was suddenly overwhelmed with this sense of gratitude that was almost overpowering. I simply said to them, “I love you guys. I selfishly am so glad I don’t have to share any of you with anyone else for the next few weeks. It is the best gift I could ever ask for.”

Being alone together these past few weeks and a few more to come has strengthened us as a family.

We’ve had a lot of not-so-perfect moments too….like one of our kids vomiting during the lantern cave tour, requiring oxygen and a medic, a few pretty serious arguments over whose turn it is to ride in the dreaded far back seat, A hundred degree tour of the Garden of the Gods which ended rather quickly after a few way too sticky and hot sister proximity problems.

But, for every ten or so bad sister moments like those, we’ve had one or two priceless moments we will treasure forever. I’ll take it all because that is what family is all about–taking the good with the bad, learning to sort through it all and come out better people in the end.

I treasure this time together. We are so, so grateful for every second of this sabbatical. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible. There is no gift greater than getting this time alone with my family for a few months.









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