Amazing Grace

This is the last sad post for a while, hopefully.  Jason Roncz’s funeral was today, and Rob had the privilege of giving the message along with Mark Waltz.  I mentioned earlier that Jason was only 32 years old.  He died in his home last Saturday morning. 

Sadly, this was the 2nd tragic funeral in my friend Maribeth’s family.  25 years ago her husband was killed.  Jason lost his father when he was 6 years old.  At that funeral, someone played the song "Amazing Grace".  Ever since that day, anytime my friend Maribeth would hear that song, she would literally be nauseated.  Her brain sent a response to her body that said, "This is not good."

At a women’s retreat a few years back, my friend Gail MacDonald spoke about how we let certain fears of ours control us.  We allow that fear-response to take over and actually control us.  At the campfire that night, someone began to sing "Amazing Grace."  Maribeth told me later that it was the first time in 25 years that she could listen to that song and feel peace and not sickening fear.

While we were making funeral arrangements, I said to Maribeth, "You need to tell us what songs you want, and what songs YOU DON’T WANT."  Without skipping a beat, Maribeth said.  "I want Amazing Grace."  My jaw dropped.

Sure enough, the song played today.  I was astounded to watch a group of 15-20 of Jason’s closest friends stand during the song.  They stood in devotion to Jason, his Mom, his kids….I was amazed.  That memory will be healing for Maribeth for many years to come.  I am amazed by Grace today.

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