Amazing Love

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I received updates on these beautiful babies we visited in June.  I think the moment above holding baby Rhema changed me forever.  Here’s the post from that day, The photo updates Prema posted today follow mine.

We made a visit to a girls orphanage yesterday.  There are only 5 girls living there to assure the best care for them possible.  The baby you see Maddie holding on your left is named Rachel after Gene’s daughter Rachel that died on Christmas Eve.  When Gene picked her up, she looked right into his eyes and smiled the biggest smile at him.  She talked to him like they were old friends, and she’s only two months old.

The baby you see Whitney holding on your right is named Rhema.  She was born 20 days before this photo drastically underweight and with a cleft palette.  Her parents took one look at her and said “No way.”  A common practice in the villages for such a baby is to just let it die. Thank God for his divine intervention in Rhema’s life. Rhema snuggled right up to Whitney.  She was scared to hold such a teeny-fragile baby, and so was I! 

Visiting these children was my favorite part of my day yesterday.   It amazed me to see what the light and love of Jesus has done for these children.  Love has brought them life.  Amazing.


Amy is from the Dharmapuri district. We received this baby through a Methodist church. Soon after this baby was born, she was thrown in a bush as she was a female child around 9.00 P.M. When a lady passed by heard the baby cry, she took the baby and bought it to the close by Methodist church. The Pastor immediately called us and informed us. Thus we received the baby same day. We do not know her parents.

Rachel is from Vellore district. We came to know about her through Pastor. Sam. Rhema’s mother is a widow. She had 2 children through her husband. She was cheated by a man after her husband death and she became pregnant. Not knowing what to do, she was confused. She was hiding herself, until she delivers the baby and wanted to kill the baby as soon as born. When Sam came to know about her, he shared the gospel and told her not to kill the baby. He said, he will find someone to take care of the baby

Rhema is from Dharmapuri district. We came to know about her through one of our trainer Jebaraj. This girl is from a Hindu family; she was a second female child and has split lips. Thus the family decided to kill the baby. When Jebaraj came to know about this, he rang up. We said we will adopt the baby. Thus on the very first day we saved her. That time her weight would be around 1 k.g

The updates on these beautiful babies came only a day after I posted about GCC helping older children in Kalavai, from the same areas as these.  I see amazing love in the eyes of these girls.  Love and a purpose.

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  1. Michelle, can’t stop the tears after reading this post…. don’t want to stop the tears. What beautiful, beautiful children. Do you know if India is becoming any more open to international adoption? The last I had heard was they were completely closed….

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