An Unexpected Party

My Dad is 58 today.  We met him and my Mom at a Cracker Barrel between Chicago and here for lunch.  Last minute, we decided to take the rest of the drive with them to Chicago and hang out there for the day.  My Dad is one loved guy.  By the end of the afternoon, there were 8 adults and 7 kids hanging out in their living room. My brothers, their wives and kids were sprawled out all over the place… I love an impromptu party!  At the end of the party, my sister-in-law called to say Happy Birthday to my Dad, and announce that SHE IS PREGNANT with their 4th child! That makes Grandkid #11 for my parents.  How crazy is that?

I’m so thankful for a solid foundation.  So Glad for my parents, and Rob’s parents.  I’m so glad for their examlples to the rest of us. Glad they love Jesus, and pointed the way out for us.  Glad they never divorced.  There’s huge security in that for me, even at 34 years old. 

Happy Birthday, Dad!

One thought on “An Unexpected Party

  1. Papa says:

    I am blessed beyond all measure.
    When I see so much sadness in this world,I truly am greatful for my family.
    You are the stuff of life that holds it all together.
    Your papa loves you very much,very much.

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