Another Round of India

So last night at dinner Rob said something like "…and next week when I am in India…" and Whitney yelled, "WHAT! You are going to INDIA!"  For some odd reason, she had not been listening the past five times in the last month we have told her Rob is leaving next week.  Truthfully, I have been in denial as well.  If you want to read about a typical night when Rob is in India, click here.  I am sure for a moment you may feel that your life is not as hard as mine.  That  was a joke.  But, for those few moments on that particular evening, I am sure it was true.  smile_wink

What makes these trips Rob takes to India the most difficult for me is my desire to be there with him.  The desire to raise my children in a somewhat normal fashion is a stronger desire, but to be there with Rob is a close second. 

Rob was playing around one time and made this photo of us in India.  He was doing his best to make it look like the cheesy Missionary pamphlets that would hang on bulletin boards at our church growing up. Just thought I’d share.  Love it! 


2 thoughts on “Another Round of India

  1. Oh man, I remember that board! The only pamphlet that I can still remember was one for some former baseball player.

  2. Ryan says:

    Oh come on Rob, bite the bullet, take a year or two and take the fam here before they are too old.
    Love the artwork, can you remake our postcard?

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