Our very first hike on our very first day was one of huge anticipation.  Rob and I have come to love hiking together over the years.  We’ve mostly hiked around home at various nature preserves, but we have also hiked in the Smoky Mountains quite a bit, and even got to go to Ouray, Colorado when I was pregnant with Maddie.  Hiking and being out in nature calms and centers my soul.  Something about the movement of walking combined with the beauty and majesty of such mountains as this one help bring me into sync with myself and God. 

Highlights of the hike up to Doe Mountain were a) getting cactus thorns stuck in my knee.  b) finding a gynormous paw print still wet in the clay c) having full signal on my iphone at the top. d) having pretty much the entire mountain and it’s 360 view to ourselves. 

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