Anya Is Home.

Anya's smile  

Marty and Kathy Friend are two of the strongest people I know.  Every person in Russia they have talked to for 6 years has tried to stop them from bringing their adopted daughter home.  They never gave up.  They prayed. They worked.  They filed millions of papers with the Russian government.  They prayed more, more papers, then  they prayed even more. 

and then…

I’ll never forget Kathy’s call to me one day a few months ago when I was walking out of a store.  Her voice was quiet.  She was shocked, and so was I as she said, “We are going.  They accepted our documents.”

Their visit to Russia to pick up Anya and bring her home turned into quite an ordeal.  They had to stay a few months in a teeny-tiny apartment in Siberia to get all her documents in order.  Kathy has been keeping a blog for a few years recording their adventure.  It reads like a novel or a screenplay.  Every morning for the past few months I have been reading it, butterflies in my stomach. checking on them. and praying for Anya.

and finally, last night, they brought her home.


We got to meet Anya this afternoon.  She is as beautiful and spunky as Marty and Kathy have described her.  The girls have known of her a long, long time, and they were fast friends indeed as you can tell from the action packed game of Hide-n-Seek.

Welcome home Anya.  Welcome home.


Afternoon Update:

I wrote this post late last night.  This afternoon there is widespread news of Russia ceasing all adoptions to the USA because of a few wacko adoptive parents that have done terrible things to their adopted Russian children such as the following news article.

I will chalk Anya’s home coming as a miracle, as I know everyone else will too.  Thank you God.

Russian Adoption News

2 thoughts on “Anya Is Home.

  1. Ruth says:

    She is such a beautiful girl! So happy fro Marty and Kathy. It wil be a joy to watch her grow and what a role model shw has with her new parents.

  2. Ryan says:

    I am so glad the whole family is in the USA. I think it would be well for any and all adoptive parents of Russian children to send heartfelt letters of thanks to the Russian officials and news agencies to counteract the few well publicized cases of failure.

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