Are You A Baby? Know Any?

j0403462 I’ve changed my opinion about something.  I was a very strong advocate of the “Christians need to feed themselves” theory.  I do believe they need to-to a certain degree.  I believe that no one can grow ones spirit except one’s own self.  I have come from the far pendulum swing of “feed yourself you big baby”, to , “you don’t look so good…maybe you need some help.”

Something came into my mind this morning.  Telling a newborn baby Christian to “go and feed yourself you baby” is like taking someone like me to the Notre Dame library entrance and saying, Ok, go learn Tamil.  You can do it!, I am sure there is lots of information in there for you to be able to teach yourself.  The vast array of what is available to us as Christians in the Western Hemisphere is both staggering and overwhelming.  Where to start is sometimes the hardest part of beginning our own spiritual journey.

Ever since I decided to follow Jesus with my whole heart, I have had mentors in my life.  I need someone to encourage me and shape me, challenge me and guide me.  Not only do I have mentors, I also have been committed to helping others who are a few steps behind me in their spiritual lives.

I have been very grateful for the influence of others on my thoughts and actions.  It’s hard to “let others in” so to speak, but nothing has done more for my spiritual life than to open up and let others in to see the good, the bad and the ugly.  Moments of vulnerability with others we respect and admire are difficult, but the reward and pay off are far greater than the shame we feel for our shortcomings. I’m issuing a challenge to you to start looking and praying for someone to help you along your way.  I am also challenging you to remember to look and pray for someone in your life that you can help. Are you up for it?

2 thoughts on “Are You A Baby? Know Any?

  1. I’m down. Or up. Whichever way makes sense 🙂

  2. watching the corn grow says:

    Fantastic post, Michelle. I have to say, this is one of my biggest peeves with the area of conversion. People are interested and focused on getting people to Christ, then drop them once the choice has been made. Mission accomplished. It is extremely hard to stand on your own in the foreign world of Christianity at any point in the journey through life.

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