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Thanks to the generosity of Dan and Jo Blacketor, we were able to go for the ride of a lifetime through the desert on an ATV tour.  I have never been on an ATV, so Rob was the driver and I was the passenger.  As we drove along in the van approaching the site in the desert where we were to start our tour, lighting flashed, and thunder boomed all around us.  It began raining.  On top of all that, it turned cold, bitterly cold very fast.  I was only wearing shorts and a sweatshirt under the rain gear they gave us, so I got cold pretty fast. 

Aside from the cold and rain, there really was nothing like riding from one mountain to another far off mountain across the flat desert.  The views were stunning.  We spotted Antelope and a lot of very freaked out baby calves. 



After riding about 45 minutes or so, we noticed this tire bouncing down the road ahead of us, and realized that our guide lost a tire off his ATV!  It was the craziest thing ever.  He was an old grizzled guy who knew Sedona when you were still allowed to carry your guns or weapons of choice into any bank or bar without any questions.  He was missing a finger, and he resembled what I thought to be a pirate mixed with Santa Claus.  He was really a very interesting fellow.  ATV


After being stranded in the desert for about another 45 minutes with the Santa/Pirate guide with a missing finger, we began to wonder if we would ever be rescued.


When the boss finally came to “rescue” us, he yelled at our guide and shamed him in front of our whole group.  I never do this, but I purposely said out loud, “What a jerk.”  I really hope he heard me, because his behavior was embarrassing and rude.


When we were finally back on our way, we sped through the desert, over hills and bumps and rocky roads.  It really was one of the most adventurous things I have ever done.

But….I was cold.  REALLY cold.  As in chilled to the bone.  When we got back to our room, I immediately took a hot bath, dressed super warm, hid under the blankets, and it took a good three to four hours to feel my body temperature return to normal.  I think that is the closest I have ever come to hypothermia.  Have you ever been that cold.  Brrrr…I am shivering just thinking about it!

3 thoughts on “ATV Ride

  1. Rindy Walton says:

    These are such great pics and sure sounds like u had an awesome time!! Very cool!!

  2. Mark Beeson says:

    Hey , we’re building memories! Wahoo!

  3. Tammy says:

    Wow! What an adventure!! Bryan has already stated that he will be the driver if we attempt the world of ATV’s. I’m thankful for that! 🙂 I get cold fairly easy and being cold is probably the feeling I dislike most in the physical realm. That part of your trip sounded miserable. I could totally picture your post-ATV warm-up session. That is the kind of thing I do when I’m freezing and my husband seems to think I’m crazy because of it. 🙂

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