Back To The Braces

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Miss Isabelle gets new braces for her feet in a few weeks.  She has been out of them for about two years, so  the only positive thing in her mind in all of this is the Disney Princess pattern she got to pick out.  Plus, she gets to get all new shoes to fit around her new Disney Princess braces.  Rob and I are currently accepting donations to the “Isabelle shoe fund”.  (kidding) 

If you see Belle in her new braces, don’t freak out and make a big deal out of them.  We’re not going to, so if you do, it might make her sad.

Considering this is a little girl that would choose to go barefoot in the winter, this is going to be a bit of a challenge for us as a family.  We’re going to stay positive, happy, and encouraging, and we hope she will too!

One thought on “Back To The Braces

  1. This is a tough one and I think more tough for the parent than the child themselves. We feel our emotions and our childs. This is what I call “mommy double stuf.” Hugs to you!

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