Bad Signs

Here are some bad signs when you are getting your blood drawn:

  • The guy drawing your blood has a strange odor.
  • He apparently forgot to comb his hair this morning.
  • He is shaking profusely as you offer your arm as you would a precious jewel to a stranger.
  • He keeps saying "hmmm….hmmm….with a questioning expression.
  • He says "darn it" more than twice.
  • You’re supposed to have 3 vials of blood drawn, and he draws 5.

I think I am going to go rest now.  I am feeling quite dizzy.

5 thoughts on “Bad Signs

  1. Ruth Hunt says:

    Oh my, that would make one a bit leery to have someone like that stick a needle in their arm!

  2. Mandy says:

    For some reason I’m always the “practice patient” for the new guy. I have very translucent skin and big veins. I guess you sort of get used to the stinky, shaky, intern phlebotomist when that’s all you ever get.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. at least he wasn’t licking his lips grunting “mmmm… blood. i LOVE blood. it’s just so, so… RED!”
    if that ever happens, you should probably take a hard, long look at the id card pinned to his chest.

  4. wait a second…I think I did see him stick that extra vile of blood in his pocket…

  5. Julie Smies says:

    You’re supposed to go to the DOCTOR’S office for blood draws. The guy with the cardboard sign under the bridge is a faker!

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