Bank Robbers


My own bank robbed me.  After 16 years of my loyalty to them, they stole money from me.  I made a mistake.  In my frantic week before we left for California, I paid all the bills…one a little too early.  I missed the mark by a hair.  I checked my account at 9am, and all was good.  I checked it again at 3pm, and to my horror, my account was overdrawn.  By then 6 charges had gone through, one of which was $1.24 I spent at Starbucks that afternoon.  For each overdrawn charge, there was a $30 fee assessed.  I threw the kids in the car, ran to the bank, and switched money from another account into my checking account to cover the charges.

I immediately called National City Bank.  I explained what happened.  Told them I put money in.  Asked them to remove the charges.  “I don’t have any power to do that” said the lady.  “Let me call you back.”  She never called back.  I called her again.  Someone else said the first lady was supposed to call me back, and had no idea why she hadn’t called back.  She’ll call me later.

No Call

I called the next day, “Ooooh!  I was supposed to call you?  My assistant said that was taken care of.  I don’t have any power to take any of these charges off.”

“I have been a loyal bank customer for 16 years.  I made a mistake.”

“Well…I suppose I could remove 3 for now…how do you feel about that?”

My exact words: “Not happy at all.  There are still $90 of charges there.  You are not helping me.  I made a mistake.  You are grinding me into the dirt.”

“I’ll give my boss a call.”

She never  called me back.  I check my account the next morning.  Five more late fees of $30 each have been assessed.  We are now up to a grand total of  $240.  This is more than my car payment.  This is summer camp for my kids.  This is 2 weeks of grocery money.

I walk into the Granger branch.  Everyone winces when I walk in.  I swear I’m not making it up.

The manager calls me by name into her office.

“I tried to call you back…your lines were down.”

“No they weren’t” 

“Yes they were.”

“No, I’m sorry, you’re wrong.”

“I have no power to do anything about these fees.  Call my boss. She already told me she wouldn’t do it, but here’s what to say…” (Now she is acting like my best friend.)

I called her boss.  Her assistant called me back and immediately took off 3 more charges and said her boss would call me back after her vacation. 

I have not gotten a phone call back.  My bank stole $150 from me. 

I’m willing to pay one $30 fee for my own mistake, but $150?  UNBELIEVABLE!

I never heard of a bank robbing it’s customers before, but it happened to me.

6 thoughts on “Bank Robbers

  1. Mike says:

    I’ve worked in banks and credit unions. I’ve also worked for software companies that made software for both.
    Join a Credit Union. In my experience, they really *do* care more for the members. Banks are all about the profits and the owners.
    At the CU I work for, we would have eliminated the fees for a one-time thing like that to a loyal member. We do it routinely.

  2. Katie Gordon says:

    I completely feel your pain! This happened to me in the first year or two of my marriage. I had just started using Quicken, and accidentally posted Jason’s paycheck TWICE. Then thinking…wow, we are doing really well…I’m going to transfer some of that into savings. WHOOPS! Of course, the nearly $90 of bank fees were for charges that went through only totaling about $25!!! AH!
    My bank wouldn’t take ANY of them off…we promptly switched banks. Totally unnecessary on their part.

  3. DisneyCyndi says:

    This happened to my daughter a while back. She ended up closing the account.

  4. Mandy says:

    As Mike said..a Credit Union is MUCH better. I have a mortgage through National City and will NEVER use them again. Constant mistakes and fees for no reason. I’m down at their branch about every other month.

  5. Caryn says:

    aarrrggghhhh that stinks!

  6. Kathleen says:

    I did the exact same thing last year with a credit union. The money I had deposited in the ATM on Friday, went in AFTER the pick up time, then there weren’t any pick ups Sat, Sun, or Monday (Labor Day)so my deposit wasn’t picked up from the ATM until Tuesday and didn’t clear my account until Wednesday. I had paid the bills online on Sunday afternoon and the message said they would be paid Wednesday. Guess what? They went through on Tuesday and I had hundreds of dollars of bounced check fees. I called and called and finally told the manager that I would be there after work to close my account and go back to my old credit union. They cancelled all the fees except for one. Whew! From that day on, I have never made a deposit using the ATM; I only use the night deposit box. If I were you, I would change banks and join a credit union. I feel that they generally appreciate their members much more than a bank.

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