Banner Idea


I was practicing on my Photoshop last night till late, late at night.  I had a fever, the chills, a headache, but I was committed.  I clicked “save” and “lock”, which I guess is very bad, because if you have a fever and a headache you forget how to spell.  I need a nap.

2 thoughts on “Banner Idea

  1. Ryan says:

    Solw dwon typing else you might make other typos like missing an R in bINGING UP THERE DOWN
    (Oh and good job trying to read the manual. It makes the people with jobs like mine happy to see you tried, now if you understood it that means we understand you and wrote for you. Now if you could figure out the program without even reading the manual all the better!)

  2. You smart people think you are sooo funny. You just wait and see. I think God has a very special place in Heaven for us right-brained people. No numbers, or math, or confusing directions. Just pure bliss and happiness, and lots of stories and art.

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