Baptism at the Cove

This was a seriously amazing day. A few thousand people showed up at Coveleski Stadium in South Bend, Indiana to witness the baptism of about 450 or so people fromGranger Community Church. I think I go to one of the most amazing churches in America…maybe the world? We ran out of space at Life Action Ranch where we have held the baptism for the past 10 years or so. I love the innovative thinking of the staff of our church. Why not the Cove? Why not swimming pools? One of the members of our church even thought of a way to heat these pools so people didn’t die of hypothermia when they stepped in the water! 450 people! I stand in awe of the work God is doing in the lives of the people of Michiana. Sometimes I just have to take a step back, focus, and see once again that there is no other explanation than "God at work" here. We’re simple people, really. But we love Jesus, and we are fully devoted to bringing glory to His name on Earth as it is in Heaven. What a wild ride it’s been!

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