Barbie Goes on a Mission Trip

Remember this post…about all the scary Barbies laying around our house?  Well, the girls were inspired to fix up those Barbies and send them with Miss Kathy (their fashion hero) to give to her pre-adoptive daughter Anya and the girls in her orphanage.

Kathy delivered the Barbies, along with a lot of gifts to the other children in the orphanage.  The caregivers were so touched that American girls would give their toys to Russian girls, that they wanted to give something back.

Russian dolls, candy, and it looks like coins.  is that cool or what?  This is a really amazing lesson for my girls about the blessing of giving.  This is something they did on their own.  To see the looks on their faces when they saw the photo of Anya with THEIR Barbies was priceless.  It is truly "more blessed to give than receive!"

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