Between the Skunk and the Opossum

My mind has been mulling something over for a few days now.   I’ve felt bad about it, mulled it over some more, talked with Rob about it, then finally prayed about it on my walk this morning.  Somewhere between the dead skunk and dead opossum that have been laying on Adams rd. for about 3 months, it hit me.

I seem to have this ability to not fit anywhere.  In the Pastor’s Wife world, in the Blog world, the Twitter world, the Park Mom world, the Room Mom world…the McDonalds Mom world, none of these groups seem to fit me.

But, where I do fit is this:  I fit with those who have their gaze fixed on Jesus.  Those who have seen His face and won’t turn back.  Those who are determined to see God’s Kingdom established on Earth as it is in Heaven.  I am perfectly at home with the friends who look least like me.  These are the ones who share my heart.      

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to be friends with anyone who doesn’t love Jesus…quite the opposite.  I think I love those the most.  The ones that are hard for me to get are those who blog for themselves, Twitter for themselves, Have self-absorbed lives and self-absorbed children.  I still love them, but I probably won’t be hangin with them.

Guess that’s the inspiration you’ll get from a dead skunk and opossum.


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7 thoughts on “Between the Skunk and the Opossum

  1. This is a frequent stream of thinking that I go down myself. I think though, every time I think this and get feeling sad, a few days later I find that I have more friends than I thought, and people that care more about me than I ever imagined. I may not know my place in the world, but I know my family, and I know who my friends are. And that’s pretty great.

  2. Don says:

    wow. our families need to hang out. Caryn will tell you we do NOT have a thriving social life. We are wierd. We like to hang out together and enjoy doing… nothing. I have never read your blog, twitter, etc and thought you didn’t belong… in fact… I (we) have always thought… “wow. God has finally brought us around people where we fit.”
    Everyone who fits in one place is a misfit somewhere else. And I’ve spent my time not fitting. Now I know I am (we are) home.
    Couldn’t help but responding this way.
    You and your family matter to us! And I’m glad God intersected our paths.

  3. Tom Hoyt says:

    Hey Michelle, I follow that same kind of thinking. I don’t seem to fit in anywhere else except among those who also have a zeal for Jesus and advancing His kingdom here on earth.
    I was in the shower the other night and this thought came to me like lightning! I meditate much in the shower. The most important commandment God gives us is simply to love. Love the LORD our God first and foremost, then love each other in the same way. Love is at the heart of who God is. What is love? Try this on for size. Love is not an emotion. Nope. Instead, love is a choice. Stay with me here. Love is the decision of the heart to put someone else ahead of ourselves. Love is to say to one another, “You matter more to me than I matter to myself.” Pretty profound, eh? Love is most powerfully expressed on the cross. When Jesus was hung on that cross, He was saying most powerfully that we matter more to Him than He matters to Himself. WHOA! Yeah, He loves us that much! Now imagine all of us loving each other the exact same way. yeah, chew on that for a while. This IS the Kingdom right here. Jesus said it Himself, “Love one another. Just as I have loved you, so you must love one another….”

  4. Melisa Johnson says:

    Dear Michelle,
    I have always thought your blog, etc have set a high standard for what being a normal person while still keeping the superior goals of God’s kingdom in perspective looks like. I relate to your stories and appreciate your questions. I strive to be better because of your challenges and pray that I don’t fall in to the self-absorbed category. Thanks for being real and being you.

  5. Sarah Koutz says:

    I don’t care what anyone else says. I think you are pretty stinkin’ awesome! I would like to talk to anyone who disagrees. I’ll bust out my teacher voice on them! I loved hanging out with you at camp and in Chicago. I would hang out with you anytime.
    Love the pictures. I wish you could have seen the dance Carla was doing as she was trying to unlock the door.

  6. Amy W says:

    i have commented once or twice before, but mostly just “stalk” you. what i love most about your writing is that you are so very real…real with who you are. that is so refreshing in a time where it is super easy to make ourselves out to be who we want to be. my bff is a “preachers wife”, but i assure you she no where even comes close to fitting the mold. i think that is why i love her so very much. she is real…she is funny…and she is on a mission to be what god wants her to be…not what the church wants her to be, and with her…you better forget the playground, pto mom, mcdonalds mamas….she comes no where close to fitting in with them…she’s too cool! just as i suspect you are…keep it up…blessings upon blessings i wish upon you! peace! amy

  7. Mandy says:

    Uh…I love Jesus. We can still hang out right?
    I don’t feel like I fit in very well here in IN. We are used to being really social w/ neighbors, but people here rush home & shut their garage doors behind them. I seriously don’t know the people on my block. I’ve tried, but maybe not hard enough huh?

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