Bible on the Go

I was fortunate enough to receive this wonderful Bible player for review from GoBible.

I just have to say I am really impressed. I have the whole Bible on this handy little device that is portable, as well as super easy to navigate.

Go Bible

Susanna Wesley was born in 1669. She gave birth to nineteen children, ten survived into adulthood. Two of her sons became famous and influential men in the life of the Christian church – John Wesley and Charles Wesley.  Time alone with God was very important to her, so she would literally cover her head with a towel or apron. Her children knew not to bother her during her alone time with God.

As a busy mom with kids running all over the place on weekends and after school, I love the fact that I can put on these headphones, pop the device in my pocket, and listen to the Bible as someone reads it to me. I am really able to focus on what is being read because everything else is blocked out.  I do admit, I keep it on low volume so I can listen for any catastrophes my kids might get themselves involved in.  🙂

This little device would also be very handy for someone who is visually impaired, since the buttons are very easy to navigate.

You can check out the iPhone app here, and other GoBible devices here.

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