Birthday/Mother’s Day Highlights

Yesterday was my birthday and Mother’s Day all in one.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Would I feel cheated?  After all, technically they are two separate holidays, with two separate sleeping-in days, right?

Birthday Breakfast The day started out by sleeping in, thank goodness.  I was awakened by Belle peaking in the door then screaming something downstairs.  Everyone came in bearing Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee, flowers, and some fabulous gifts the girls had picked out for me themselves at our neighborhood garage sale.  The thing that always makes me the happiest on days like this is the cards the girls make for me.  The ideas and words they put together about their love for their Mommy tell a lot.  None of the girls wanted me to read their cards out loud because they were very personal and private. 

We watched some Joel Olsteen tv, which was sooo interesting, then went downstairs for the present opening celebration, which was so fun.  I have dropped 2 sizes since last summer(it was a bad summer, don’t ask.)  So I needed all  new shorts, capris, etc.  I gave Rob the sizes, and he and the three little fashionistas did an amazing job of picking out a mini-summer wardrobe.  I was seriously impressed.Lions

We sat around in our sugar-induced comas from the donuts for awhile, then Rob grilled some burgers, and we headed to the zoo.  I have a sort of dysfunctional relationship with our zoo.  The animals are beautiful and amazing, so I love to go and watch them, but they are in such small cages, so most of them have this half crazed look in their eyes.

We got around to the lions, and sort of stood around for awhile watching them pace back and forth, back and forth, back and forth….and back, and forth.  The lions at our zoo are apparently very smart and think of ways to entertain themselves all day long.  They yawn, roar, pace back and forth, roar some more, sleep, and pee on people.  For real.  The cage is close enough to the rail where the people lion-watch that when they are marking their territory, lots of unassuming bystanders get marked as well.

Lion Pee Poor Rob.  He got “marked.”  Let’s just say that he is allergic to cats, and lion pee is probably a million times more potent than cat pee.  His head started hurting and he started wheezing right away.  Poor guy. 

But it was funny.  Our car ride home smelled just like the zoo we had left.

I took a nap when we got home, Rob made steaks on the grill for dinner, it was an all around great Mother’s Day/36th Birthday celebration.


36th Bday

I do think that I am due at least one more sleeping-in day, don’t you?

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