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 image Kabul 24 is the story of the capture and imprisonment of eight Western aid workers in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

For three months in 2001, the desperate plight of aid workers kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan captured the attention of the world. With the growing specter of U.S. retaliation for 9/11, the Taliban and Osama bin Laden attempted to use their Western hostages as bargaining tools. What the captors did not count on was coming face-to-face with the enduring faith of people who know their only hope was in Christ.

Kabul 24 revisits their grueling interrogations, their sham trials before the Taliban Supreme Court, their peril during the bombing of Kabul, and the crushing sense that the world had abandoned them. It reveals not only the eight Westerners’ 105 days in captivity but also the gauntlet endured by their 16 Muslim coworkers who, after being taken to the notorious Pulicharki Prison, were beaten and tortured, having been accused by the Taliban of converting to Christianity.

This book was an intriguing insiders perspective of what goes on inside a Taliban jail.  My new favorite show is Locked Up Abroad on NatGeo.  Most of the people on that show end up locked up in horrific prisons abroad because of bad choices and decisions they made.  Unlike some of those people, the 8 aid workers, and 16 Afghan’s who worked for the aid agency were locked up for doing right.  They made their homes among the poor and desperate people of Afghanistan, bringing them hope, education, medicine, and the love of Jesus.

I was impressed with this book because of the vivid details of what life was like for the 8 aid workers “locked up” in a horrific place at a terrible time when bombs were falling all around them.  The prisoners were not portrayed as saints in the book, but regular people who were able to hold on to one another, and on to Jesus during the most perilous days of their lives. It was a great read, and definitely worth anyone’s time to read. 

Anyone want to borrow my copy?  Just let me know.  I’d love to share.

You can order the book here.

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