Book Review-The Secrets Beneath

Living in Northern Indiana, we have a large Amish community just minutes from our house.  I thought this would be an interesting read for my older girls, since they are very curious about the Amish way of life.

From the cover: Rebekah Yoder has always been curious . . . or nosy depending on whom you ask. When a Yankee stranger moves into the house next door, she’s fascinated. Who is this strange old man who never waves or smiles? When Bekah sees him digging holes in his back yard, she’s sure there is a case to be solved.

What they don’t realize is there’s not just secrecy lurking next door—there’s danger. Will Bekah take her curiosity too far?

Readers will love journeying with Bekah Yoder as they learn the danger of gossip, the importance of prayer, and the real story of The Secrets Beneath.

The book is sweetly told at a slow pace.  The girls in the story become “Nancy Drew”-like when an elderly neighbor digs holes all over his back yard, but quickly find themselves in a world of trouble for being too nosy. 

There are some very important “growing up” lessons in this book.  Both of the young girls in the story learn through their experiences in a summer together that God doesn’t always answer prayers the way we want them to, or in the timing we want him to.

It was sweet and simple, but definitely for a younger audience.  I would recommend “The Secrets Beneath” for young girls who are curious about Amish living. 


  I got this book free from BookSneeze in exchange for a review. 

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