Breathing in Grace

I spent a summer in Uganda in 1992.  I was the farthest away from home I’d ever been.  There were no letters from home, emails, or phone calls to stay connected with my family .  It was the most “alone” I’d ever felt.  The poverty and conditions of the people we visited were sometimes more than I could take in in a day.  I remember shutting my eyes at night and still seeing their poverty-stricken and hungry faces in a cloud around me.

I walked into a shop one day and heard this song playing. I sucked air, because I knew it was God’s message to me.  His grace was working in me and changing me that summer.  My Dad and Mom used to play it all the time at home, and it brought me back to feelings of security and safety in a second.  I am forever grateful for that moment, and was reminded of it this morning when my Dad put this video on his Facebook page.

Take a second and breathe in God’s grace.  It’s so amazing.

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  1. Love the new look, Michelle! It’s clean and easy to read. Great job!!

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