Brooke Meets Lillian Grace

Brooke meets Lillian 

I posted a picture of my new niece Lillian Grace last week.  She had to spend some extra time in the hospital, and the hospital didn’t allow Brooke, or her brothers Joel and Caleb up to see her since it’s cold/flu season. 

Brooke called us very sad this weekend because she has been waiting so long for this baby to come, and now that she finally came, she couldn’t meet her.  Last night Brooke finally got to meet Lillian.  It sure looks to me like Lillian is smiling at her big sis in this photo.

I can not to meet this beautiful baby, my youngest brother’s youngest child.  It is amazing how much love I have in my heart for this baby, as well as all my nieces and nephews.  It never gets old.  Children are truly a blessing from the Lord.

Family is sure a funny thing.  Lillian is Maddie’s twin.  She looked exactly the same when she was born.  More reason to love her!

Lillian and Brooke

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  1. Oh, how sweet. What a great photo!

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