Calm in the Chaos

I have been very proud of my girls on this trip.  When in India, literally walking out of the motel spikes anyone’s stress level.  There is constant noise, traffic, cows, chaos everywhere.  I’m sure it’s not chaotic if you live here, it probably all makes sense.  But if you live on a quiet street in Granger where no one ever comes out of their houses, it is chaos times a million.  Rob described the traffic well when he said it’s like playing Tetris with cars.

We’ve been fortunate so far to be in a motel that has a pool and even the Disney channel on TV, so when we walk in the motel there is some sense of familiarity and a place to step away from the chaos.

Our bell does ring quite often though.  A hotel worker greeted me early this morning with a newspaper.  And the other morning we got about 4 phone calls wondering if our room was ready to be cleaned yet.  Another call this morning to see if we were coming down to breakfast, and yet another to see if they could come and pick up our tray from our lunch. 

It’s all done in kindness and in want of a good tip. 

We’re very thankful for our times of rest like today where we can step away from it all and just rest awhile.

Oh yeah, and by the way, the guy that handed me the newspaper at 8am is still outside of our door waiting to see if we need anything.  It’s 3pm. 

3 thoughts on “Calm in the Chaos

  1. mandy says:

    I’ve been loving the pics you’ve been posting. Seems like everyone is hanging in there & doing great!

  2. Jen Latzke says:

    I’ve been following your blog and reading your twitter updates. I pray that everyone feels better soon! 🙂

  3. Ryan says:

    Big help = BIG TIP!!
    I pray that the Lord shows you the India you need to see.

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