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PH03220I One thing I am so very thankful for is the different circles God has allowed me to skirt the edges of .  Some prestigious, some fabulous, some fancy, some heart rending, some eye-opening, most ordinary.

Just for fun, on the extraordinary side of things,

  • Rob and I got to eat a picnic lunch with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter at his boyhood home
  • I got to sit in Rick and Kay Warren’s living room and tell them about how God shaped me from the time I was young to love the people groups of the world.  Rick genuinely liked me, I think.
  • I sat next to President Mousevi’s wife in Uganda and got to tell her I believed in her and the work God wanted to do through her to stop AIDS among their nations youth

and some heart rending, eye-opening…

  • I walked down the streets of Calcutta holding Rob’s hand, choking on black air, stale with poverty and pollution, trying to see with more than my eyes the hope that might be waiting for the destitute and dying
  • I sat in a room with Sangeetha’s Mom in Erode, India.  I asked her where her son was, and she told me he was with Jesus.  She tenderly cared for my kids in our short visit with her, and locked eyes with me, Mom to Mom.
  • My kids danced with the kids from Kalavai, worlds colliding, eye-opening for sure.

and some ordinary…

  • I get to brush my daughters hair every day.
  • I get to match socks.
  • I get to make dinner for my amazing family every night, and let my dogs lick their plates.

We learn from all the circles God puts us in.  My mistake would be to think that because I sat at the same lunch table as Jimmy Carter, and got Rosaylnn more chicken when she was hungry, I was “In” with the President.

Or, that because I walked on the streets of Calcutta, or because my name is on a plaque on a wall of a  house in Kalavai, that I am the coolest missionary ever, and I have the whole mission-field thing figured out…

Or, that every day when my kids won’t brush their own hair, or my dog throws up on my shoe, or homework goes on and on and on, that my life revolved around those mundane things.

Those would be mistakes indeed.  I am starting to learn that these self-imposed circles we sometimes call identity, aren’t really identity, but components of a bigger picture that God is painting into the canvas called our lives. 


It kind of takes the pressure of the whole circle mindset off of it for me when I think about it this way.  God is just painting, and painting, making a masterpiece of this thing He calls my life.  I’m enjoying it as I watch His beauty unfold.

2 thoughts on “Canvas

  1. Jo Blacketor says:

    It’s amazing that these circles – frequently – cross over and that is God’s plan for us! Great insights.

  2. You have no idea how much I need this now and frankly, very often. I tend to get so consumed in what is going on in my day that it takes over the larger picture and I lose focus. It’s so easy to do. So easy to take one step away from the masterpiece and to stubbornly sit in the middle of one circle.

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